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7/5 still pure awesome a decade latrer

I thoroughly enjoyed this

Gotta be more confident in your singing man, try looking up some warming exercises and don't be afraid to be loud, otherwise you get sort of a timid sound

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Nice, a good challenge with excellent music

Kenney responds:

Thanks :)

Worth playing with for a bit

The game is simple I understand you are refining your scripting with this project, but something about the minimalism of the game is nice too. The scheme keeps you focused on the game, even though there isn't much to it. Otherwise, it runs smoothly and it's kind of fun, hopefully soon you will employ your talents towards a larger project, or be hired by somebody in charge of one.

Dorak13 responds:

thank you very much for the compliment, and for 'understanding' my 'art style'. But don't sugar coat it. XD At the moment it is a bit minimalistic, which i do want, but as is might be a bit far. Gonna try to fix problems like the score in the final screen, more defined objectives, and some type of upgrades.

good god on this sweet fucking earth

perhaps the greatest flash on newgrounds, not entirely for the game itself but for the effect it causes on the misguided minds, or as they are known otherwise, christians. all they do is bitch and bitch and bitch and you respond with razor sharp replies, and point out they have either contradicted themselves, or just made fools of themselves so it is the gift that keeps on giving

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Another fantastic track!

Gougou responds:

Thanks for supporting me :D

This is beautiful.

Pure excellence!

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You certainly have talent, your experiments and sequences show progress and experience that can all come together as a whole and make something great, just keep something to record your ideas and notes around as much a possible, definitely looking forward to what you can do in the future

HochiganMeat responds:

thanks! although I disagree about the talent thing- it's all work and analysis. I wish I had talent though, it would help loads but I might get complacent. that's what happened with me when i was into writing

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